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THIS SITE WAS UPDATED:   January/February 2017

Ocean Village Club Condos for sale 2017         by Ronnie Tumlin personal cell 904-501-1010                                     Crescent Beach Realty of St Augustine, Inc. -  Ocean Village Club condominiums St Augustine Beach, FL

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Ocean Village Club Condominiums at St Augustine Beach   this was the hottest selling complex on the beach last year  for many reasons with prices still in the mid 200s-low 300s for 2/2 and mid-upper 100s for 1/1 units.  NOW all units have high speed internet, 280 digital channel TV and unlimited nationwide telephone service in all units and included in the HOA fees.  As of winter 2017 only 12 total units were for sale in the entire 360 unit complex.  That's 12 out of 360.....this attests to the popularity of this complex on the beach.

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left to right view from top floor in the Q bldg, interior heated pool, clubhouse and oceanfront pool, entrance to the gated community off A1A and the beach walk onto the sandy beach

CURRENTLY FOR SALE AT THIS TIME-we try to keep as current on this as we can they come they go call Ronnie for up to the minute info

A and B ONE BEDROOM Buildings unit came for sale early 2017 at $138,000 fixer upper in our opinion,  ground floor B building

D Building   none for sale winter 2017

E Building  one for sale early 2017

F Building    none for sale at this time

G Building    two  for sale early 2017

H Building     none for sale late 2017

I Building    one for sale second floor elevator access

J Building   one for sale  

K Building  only two for sale all last year and  both sold quickly   call Ronnie  904-501-1010

L Building one for sale one for sale right now

M building   none for sale at this time  subject to change

N Building  Ronnie sold 3 N building units last year,  call me to see if a new one is for sale  904-501-1010  average price mid 130s but subject to change according to availabilities.

O Building    One for sale early 2017 on the second floor a  walk up with nice ocean views not our listing priced around 329,000  Call or text Ronnie for more details:  904-501-1010

P Building     Unit P-11 a ground floor corner now for sale early 2017  call me for details 904-501-1010

Q Building    One for sale in the ocean front Q building / Q-24 second floor with views of the ocean and ocean front pool $295,000  These are in the ocean front building facing east southeast just steps to the beach walkover and oceanfront pool, flat with elevator service - call Ronnie for more info, my personal phone is 904-501-1010  

R Building  As of early 2017 one for sale but one could have popped since this was posted Jan 2017.  Call Ronnie for more info 904-501-1010


Have WE sold anything in Ocean Village Club lately you ask?  In 2016 we have had lots of inquiries but inventory is so skinny its hard to make a sale when not much is for sale. In 2015 sold a boat load.  2014 we closed on 6 at Ocean Village Club.  In 2013 we sold 7 units at Ocean Village club.  During 2012 we closed on 8 units at Ocean Village Club.  We are not rookies or part timers this is what we do and we do it well.  We continue to believe OVC is the best buy for the buck in its price range which this year is $200,000 -$299,000    Our most recent sales were: Q-37,  O-16, N-22, K-14, H-14, P-19, P-17, F-22, N-17, C-16,  O-17, N-26, P-22, L-15, K-14, P-26, Q-14     

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